High IQ: 111-120 – What Does It Mean?

A “high IQ” refers to an IQ score that is significantly above the average range of cognitive abilities for the general population. A high IQ score would typically fall above one standard deviation from the mean, which is roughly around 111 or higher.

In general terms:

  • An IQ score between 85 and 111 is considered within the normal range.
  • An IQ score below 85 is considered below average.
  • An IQ score above 111 is considered above average, and a score significantly above this range would be considered a high IQ.

It’s important to note that having a high IQ is just one aspect of a person’s cognitive abilities, and it doesn’t necessarily predict success or achievement in all areas of life. Intelligence is complex and multifaceted, and other factors such as motivation, creativity, emotional intelligence, and life experiences also play significant roles in a person’s overall abilities and accomplishments.