What is Your Expectation From Life, According to the Men You Like?

We predict their expectations from life, based on male choices.
Take the quiz now and get clues about your character.

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How does your dream life feel?

2 / 12

How scheming are you?

3 / 12

Who takes the first step?

4 / 12

Okay, you're going on vacation with your partner, how do you two plan?

5 / 12

Which one is your best couple?

6 / 12

What should your partner do in your difficult moment?

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Let's pick the ones you like from these fictional characters!

8 / 12

Which one is more attractive to you?

9 / 12

You have two choices: stubble or fly shaving.

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What do you think of tattooed men?

11 / 12

A difficult choice awaits you now; Bad boy or good boy?

12 / 12

Be honest; what do you think of men with bodies like this?

Discover Your Life’s Path Based on Your Ideal Man

Life is an intricate journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. At the heart of this journey often lies the company of a special someone who adds color and meaning to our experiences. Have you ever wondered how your preferences in men might be linked to your expectations from life itself? Welcome to our delightful quiz, “What do you expect from life according to the type of man you like?”

Are you drawn to the adventurous, free-spirited soul who seeks thrill and excitement? Or perhaps the intellectual and contemplative mind who values deep conversations and introspection? Maybe you find yourself captivated by the caring and nurturing spirit, someone who cherishes moments of togetherness and warmth. No matter your preferences, this quiz is designed to unravel the fascinating connection between your ideal man and your aspirations in life.

As you respond to our thought-provoking questions, you’ll gain insights into the kind of life you subconsciously desire based on the qualities you admire in a partner. Will your results reveal a life of daring escapades, a path of constant growth and discovery, or a tranquil existence centered around love and connection? Embark on this journey of self-discovery, and let’s explore how the type of man you’re attracted to might just hold the key to understanding your deepest desires and aspirations.